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Casting Capabilities. US Aluminum Castings provides high quality, tight tolerance aluminum castings for aerospace, defense, transportation, and commercial companies throughout the world. We cast using three castings processes, heat treat, machine and powder coat. US Castings is a one-stop shop for finished, precision cast aluminum

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Capabilities. NAC is one of the few facilities in the Midwest to offer complete, in-house casting services. When it comes to die casting services, we have the

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aluminum castings processes are inexpensive and produce parts that are very strong and sturdy. Seeing as aluminum is customizable, we can offer parts in many shapes, forms and any type of complex design. Modern Aluminum Casting offers finished parts that require very little machining since the parts come out of the mold in nearly perfect

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Aluminum casting heat treatment involves the use of extreme temperatures to change the physical properties of the casting, either through using a thermal cycle or a series of thermal cycles. Depending on the specific casting and the sector being prepared for, heat treatment can be used to either harden or soften an


US products can be found in a wide range of manufactured items throughout the United States and all around the world. Whether it be applications in heavy equipment, cutlery, furniture, decorative fencing, government projects, or an ideas becoming a reality, this is the company to turn to for any casting

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be impressed with our on-site, aluminum foundry which gives us the highest manufacturing standards and capabilities possible. This, in conjunction with our small staff, allows us to provide high quality aluminum sand castings at reasonable prices with on-time

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Aluminum Castings Inc. offers customers full-service aluminum casting capabilities from design to delivery. Our business is built on traditional craftsmanship, based on our heritage as pattern makers, combined with modern automated production

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Harrison Castings Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of aluminum casting components. We manufacture raw or fully machined aluminum sand castings from our foundry in Leicester, UK and supply the US market.. For over 100 years Harrison Castings has established a strong reputation in the casting industry, satisfying clients not just in the UK, but all over the

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Aluminum Sand Castings. Send us your part data or project outline and a knowledgeable Castek team member will reach out right away to quote and help with your project Find out about our production capabilities and how we can help you with your

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20 die casting machines from 400 to 800 ton clamping pressure that produce aluminum die casting parts from as small as a few ounces to more than 10 pounds. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce, finish and machine aluminum die cast components to meet a

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you have a special project contact us and we will work with you to meet your projects needs. For over 60 years Kearneys\' Aluminum Foundry has provided our customers with high quality American Made aluminum

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Eck Industries has been pouring aluminum since 1948. With this experience, we have developed expertise in many alloys, processes and post-processes such as heat treatment, inspection, and post-processing of castings. get started on your project

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Contact Menu. 1985 Aucutt Road specializes in aluminum sand castings, brass casting, bronze casting and other quality precision sand castings. A State of the Art Foundry . Molding . 2020 Sinto 14 x 19 - Installed new in October 2020. Disa Match 32 x 32 - Installed new in 2020. 4 Jolt Squeezer Lines. Floor Molding capabilities of any

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Home Capabilities Aluminum Sand Castings Castek aluminum sand castings are used to manufacture a variety of molds for industrial, commercial and ornamental applications. We support thermoform, reaction injection molding (RIM), and compression form market

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We have served as a premier aluminum caster for over 40 years. Our roots are in Wabash, Indiana, but our reputation in the industry combined with our wide range of capabilities has allowed us to earn the business of clients around the

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Most Aluminum alloys including 295, 319, 356, A356, 357, A357, 443, 535 (Almag), 713 (Tenzalloy), 771 (Precedent), ZA series, Zamac series and Pure Aluminum. We have on site Heat Treating and Anealing

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Nebraska Aluminum Castings (NAC) is your full-service high-pressure aluminum die casting company. NAC provides quality, in-house manufacturing services, including design, die-casting, and processing, as well as customized procedures for orders of every size.We manufacture custom aluminum castings, primarily with 383.1 alloys, with 380 and 360 alloys used as

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Texas Aluminum Foundry Inc. will work with you to take your sand casting design from concept to completion. Capabilities include prototype to production tooling. Whether you need 10 castings or production runs of thousands and from ounces to 300